What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A municipal comprehensive plan is a policy document used by elected and appointed officials as a decision-making guide. The plan identifies existing conditions as they relate to the transportation of goods and services, provision of housing, population growth, economic development, the availability of community services, and the provision of utilities.

The Comprehensive Plan identifies the community’s vision for the future and is accompanied by goals, objectives, and strategies meant to accomplish the community vision.

The goals, objectives, and strategies identified in the Comprehensive Plan are related to the following topics: future land use, resource conservation, housing, transportation, economy, community facilities and services, parks and recreation, public utilities and services, and regional planning.

As an example, the Region’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan identified the following goals: 

    • To conserve and protect important natural resources from degradation. 
    • To provide for the diverse housing needs of the Region’s residents. 
    • To enhance the economy of the Region 
    • To coordinate with others in future planning efforts that could impact the Region. 
    • To adequately provide for public facilities and services 
    • To provide for the recreation and open space needs of the community 
    • To adequately provide for sewer, water, solid waste disposal, and related needs 
    • To provide for the safe, efficient, and convenient movement of people and goods. 
    • To plan for appropriate new land uses and the continuation or modification of existing land uses. 

Project Progress

Completion 75%

Funding for the regional comprehensive planning effort was awarded from the York County CDBG Program and the York County Open Space and Land Preservation Board. 

C.S. Davidson, Inc. was selected to assist the SYRPC with the comprehensive planning process. 

The SYCRPC worked with C.S. Davidson to identify challenges and opportunities at the forefront of community and municipal conversations. The results of those conversations can be found here. 

Key stakeholder meetings were conducted and C.S Davidson prepared an Existing Community Profile which discusses the following: 

  • Existing land uses 
  • Demographics (Population and Households) 
  • Transportation 
  • Community facilities, services, and public utilities 

The SYCRPC identified the following themes for the 2024 Southern York County Region Comprehensive Plan: 

  • Preserving the Region’s Community Character  
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation & Regionalization 
  • Being an Aging-in-Community 
  • Increasing Access to Active Transportation 
  • Economic Development / Agri-Tourism / Trail Town